Warrior Categories

Warrior Clan

This category is a team of 3-5 Clan members. Option for 1x thru the course or sign up for AMRAP in the 3 hour time period. The team members will be allowed to work together to complete the obstacles. All team members must attempt the obstacles, but the team can assist each other in completing the obstacles. Example: 20 Rock Cleans Over the Shoulder, if there is 4 members of your team, that is a total of 80 Rock Cleans. You may work as a team to complete the required amount of the exercise. So one member might only do 10, but the other members of the team must complete the remaining 10 exercises to be able to move forward. The team must stay together and move thru the course as one unit.

Warrior(1 lap)

This category is also set up as obstacle completion, the difference is that there will be a variety of weights available at the functional fitness stations. The goal is to choose a weight that suits your level of strength.    

Warrior/Jr Warrior

This category allows a parent to team up with their child between the ages of 6-12 for an additional $5 entry fee. The parent MUST STAY WITH THEIR CHILD AT ALL TIMES during the course. The river crossing is optional.

King/Queen of the Hill

This category is for the folks who want to challenge themselves to see how many laps they can COMPLETE in the 3 hour time frame. The time of their final fully completed round will be their scoring time. This category will not have the choice of weights for the functional fitness movements and they will be required to use weights that are predetermined. All obstacles must be completed, regardless of how many attempts, before moving on thru the course.  

Example of scoring: if you completed 4 rounds of the course in 2h40mins, and I completed 4 rounds as well but my time was 2h41mins, then you place above me.  

Jr Warrior

This is a kids only category. There will be a wave of 6-9yr olds and one of 10-12. Only a portion of the course will be open to this category. No river crossing for any child 12 or under will be permitted.